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Re: Fedora 7

On 1/5/07, José Matos <jamatos fc up pt> wrote:
On Friday 05 January 2007 4:28 am, Michael Wiktowy wrote:
> I don't think it is descriminatory at all.
  I do. Please take what follows in a light mood, at least I did.

Ya ... my intent was not to stir up flame wars but to poke a little
fun at both communities and point out this this is a non-issue since
each community can name things how they like to. In the end, it is up
to the content creators to name the content.

> Actually, what would be consistent would be for the Gnome community to
> name something "This does Foo" that has functionality Foo and the KDE
> community to name something "KBar" that has the functionality Bar (and
> I have a whole bunch of KStuff in my Gnome menu to prove it). Jesse's
> original suggestion is more inline with that since KFedora is a bit
> unweildy.

  I would call that more an historical accident that a planned strategy.
Please don't forget as well gedit, gaim, gphoto...

  OTHO I use gwenview - Simple image viewer for KDE.

I was aware of those apps (except for gwenview) but I took a look in
my application menu before sending my original message and didn't see
any reference to them since they were hidden behind names like Text
Editor, Instant Messenger and Photo Viewer whereas all the KDE apps
kind of stood out.

> KDE folk seem to like their brand stuck on every piece of software
> made for that desktop. Gnome folk tend not to go that route and name
> their apps random obscure words and put localized descriptions in the
> menus. To each their own.

  The plan (and practice) for KDE 4 is not to add a k preffix in a gratuitous
way. FWIW the only new project that I remember now that starts with k, for
KDE 4, is KDE 4 itself. :-)

  Certainly the existing projects will retain their names, it would be foolish
to do it otherwise, but please don't put intention where it is not.

Fair enough. Like I said, I have plenty of KApps in my Gnome menu and
like them so I was basing my thoughts on observation from the outside
of both camps. I am glad that there are efforts to make both desktop
apps work together and not drive them apart. In the end, having things
Just Work (TM) is what is best for the end user.


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