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Domain search path (was Re: Fedora 7)

On Fri, 2007-01-05 Matthew Miller wrote:
> But anyway, man do I hate it when a DHCP connection overrides the
> default search path I put in there. When I type an unqualified name on
> my laptop, I expect it to always mean the same thing. Sigh.

Drove me crazy too before I discovered $LOCALDOMAIN lurking at the end
of the resolv.conf manpage.

	echo 'export LOCALDOMAIN="dom1.com dom2.org"' >>/etc/profile

Via ~/.bash_profile it even lets me set my domain search path on
machines where I don't have root.

When on my laptop, regardless of location (Starbucks, on a train, or
visiting a client), I want foohost to mean foohost.mydomain. I think
that's a common case, so maybe Anaconda (and/or s-c-n) should have an
option for entering a default domain search path to override the DHCP
one, save that value into /etc/sysconfig/foo, and then /etc/profile
could pick up that value as the system-wide default for $LOCALDOMAIN. 

Chris Tyler

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