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Re: Fedora Core 7 - Compiz vs Beryl

alan <alan clueserver org> wrote:
> On Fri, 5 Jan 2007, Josh Boyer wrote:


> > Careful.  There's lots of bugs that could pop up like that.  Without
> > some kind of "importance" system, you'll get lots of noise.  For
> > example, I have a vim bug opened long ago that has just sat there.  Is
> > it critical?  No.  Is it damn annoying?  Yes.
> >
> > "Unreasonable amount of time" is subjective.

> I have had bugs sit in bugzilla for *years* without any attention.
> Some bugs seem to get orphaned or assigned to dead people or something
> and no follow-up is ever performed.

So? Low-impact bugs, bugs in little used packages, ... just won't get the
attention a security problem in the kernel gets. I've got 22 open bugs
currently, some of them might sit there for many years and make no (or
almost no) difference to anybody (else).

> Maybe we need a report that shows the open bugs that have been sitting
> without update for more than 30/60/90 days.

That is not enough, too much noise.
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