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Re: Fedora Core 7 - Compiz vs Beryl

GConf editor is not a desktop user's configuration system.  I'll
consider using Compiz when there is a graphic config system.  Does
anyone know whether someone is developing a Compiz configuration
manager for KDE, or is Compiz considered to be solely targeted to the
Gnome environment?

On 1/6/07, David Nielsen <david lovesunix net> wrote:
fre, 05 01 2007 kl. 16:58 -0700, skrev Trever L. Adams:
> My big complaint, probably my biggest, is the lack of an Expose like
> functionality. I love it, it helps me work faster.

The Scale plugin does this and it is both shipped and enabled by
default. Moving the cursor to assigned "hot spot" will enable it, by
default this is the top right corner (though endlessly configurable
through our friend GConf)

- David

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