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Re: Fedora 7

Warren Togami wrote:

Fedora Desktop and Fedora KDE spins.  Is that really so bad?

Yes it is. This kind of biased branding would lead to the perception GNOME is always going to be favored regardless of whether there is a active community around other desktop environments within Fedora.

Granted, the number of GNOME developers within Fedora from Red Hat is going to ensure that we have a very well integrated GNOME desktop on Fedora but having a separate KDE (or XFCE, GNUStep, Enlightenment et all) releases gives more space for other active contributors to do the hard work they can and try to compete fiercely to provide the best possible experience within Fedora. Dont strike down that opportunity.

I am not biased against GNOME or anything. I use it all the time. Doesnt mean we shouldnt strive to accommodate other preferences more.


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