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Re: Fedora 7

Rudi Chiarito ha scritto:
On Fri, Jan 05, 2007 at 06:19:20PM +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
What I'd like to see is some sort of yum-proxy to save bandwidth for
users. E.g. let some sort of yum-procy run on a local network server;
fill it's cache with what you have already from the distribution cd;
clients connect to the proxy; if the package is in the cache send it
back; otherwise download it from the web, send it over, and put it in
the cache; now and then check if a package is still in the upstream
repos; if not, drop it from the cache.

Even better would be the use of mDNS and DNS-SD to search for such a
proxy. This way, you don't need to hardcode anything in configuration

FYI: http://freshmeat.net/projects/apt-zeroconf/

Instead of a proxy, one could also use DNS-SD to implement something
closer to the P2P model, where machines on a local network search for
any neighbour systems that have already downloaded updates, basically
sharing the yum cache.

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