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Re: Fedora 7

On Sunday 07 January 2007 06:47, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> Two things here:
> 1) Is there going to be further effort towards a minimalistic install
> as official release option? I seem to here/see people asking for a 1-2
> CD media install option (as in they can safely download only the first
> two cd isos and get a Fedora install up)

Yes, one, two CDs are the size mark for these spins.  Without X we could get 
really small with the Server spin, but we'll see where we go.

> 2) The Desktop Environment catch 22 seems to be continuing: KDE gets
> less love since the measurable KDE using community is small, while the
> measurable KDE community is small since those who heavily use KDE go
> elsewhere to get their KDE fix (Kubuntu, SuSe). And with the recent
> bad press, there may be a few who would like another distro to use KDE
> on.

So how does 'Fedora KDE' vs 'Fedora Desktop' differ from 'Ubuntu' 
vs 'Kubuntu' ?  We don't even force a different project name.

> Might also mention (for no particular reason) that I actually like the
> fact that the system-config tools are in Gtk and look different from
> my desktop (Qt) application
> > - Make LiveCDs as a part of the distribution release process
> Any insight if these LiveCDs will be an adequate replacement for a Knoppix
> CD?

We hope so.  We'd like it to be even better than the Ubuntu live CD.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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