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Re: Fedora 7

On 1/8/07, Jack Tanner <ihok hotmail com> wrote:

[snip some more detailed usage scenarios]

Since we're talking pie in the sky, I give to you Hardware Buddy.

1) Install FC7+
2) Opt in to "Automated Fedora-Compatibile Hardware Reporting" (in
3) for every piece of hardware that's ever detected on this machine,
    including removable devices like USB keys, etc.
       a) Hardware Buddy compiles a report on the device
       b) checks that the device hasn't been reported from this machine
       c) asks user to confirm if device is working correctly
       d) submits the report to some wiki with optional user comments

Perhaps a modification of "sysreport", which already exists?  3b-3d
could be done outside of the tool on a server and sysreport could be
modified to submit to this hypothetical server instead of to RH
support.  3a would obviously require running the tool each time dbus
reports some new hardware.

"Description :
Sysreport is a utility that gathers information about a system's
hardware and configuration. The information can then be used for
diagnostic purposes and debugging. Sysreport is commonly used to help
support technicians and developers by providing a "snapshot" of a
system's current layout."

Oisin Feeley

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