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Re: F7 KDE spin

I just love to see this:
Internet: konversation

However work should be done to prevent having 2 or more applications
on the spin which do the same thing.
eg. having konversation and ksirc on the spin (a bad idea)

Some tools which are for eye-candy and as the same time handy: yakuake
and katapult.

Theming :
I wish you ppl could have a look at:

Something which I would like to see is that "a kmenu which not crowded".
There are lots of things which can be done here:
- in FE guidelines, propose not to add more than one item on the kmenu
per gui package
- .desktop files of some kcontrol plugins shouldn't be added to kmenu
- perhaps the .desktop files of kontact contacts (kmail,Akregator,..)
shouldn't be added to kmenu since they are easily accessible to the

* compiz.
If F7 will be using compiz by default , perhaps the desktop-effects
should be optimized for kde. There are some compiz bugs opened in
respect to kde.

* Echo Icon theme
Since i last heard, echo icon theme isn't compatible with kde.

* help and encourage contributors to add more and more kde packages in
the Fedora world


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