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Re: F7 KDE spin

On 1/8/07, Rex Dieter <rdieter math unl edu> wrote:
OK, I've slapped down a quick-n-dirty laundry list of items off the top
of my head to get started on the F7 KDE spin:

Folks are welcome to contribute, criticize, add-to.

-- Rex

I hope you don't mind if I be a bit verbose:

* Browser: konqueror

Cool. I kinda like the fact that there is no Flash support for
Konqueror. I use Seamonkey for my heavy browsing myself.

* Irc: konversation

Recently switched to this from Chatzilla, I love how well it works

* IM: kopete

Great application. Good choice.

* office: koffice

I going to assume that the filters will be part of the spin. If so, good choice.


No real preference or dispute here

* audio(most): amarok

I'm going to assume that the xine engine will also be installed?

* Media Burner: K3b

Why exactly is K3B under the multimedia section? Burning MP3/Audio CDs
is only half of what it could do.

* System Cleanup: kleansweep

Never heard of it. Will Google eventually

* Project management and groupware: Task Juggler

* Home user backup?

While I am _still_ (I am loosing a lot of time) working on
system-config-backup for Fedora. It seems that the KDE way would be

Bellow here I would like to put forth other suggests, based on
applications currently in use on my desktop

* Organizer and Email: Kontact

* Photo organisation: Digikam

* Photo Editing: Krita (incase not considered as part of KOffice)

I would also like to put forward a request that a verbose, clearly
worded document on rolling Fedora compatible RPMSs be produced and
well publicized.

I have attempted several times to read through, and follow accordingly
the existing available documents on the topic. I have also received
recommendations to read other .spec files. For what ever reason (I
have near ruled out my own laziness) I find following the tutorial
towards an end to be difficult.

I say this (instead of starting a new thread) as I would like to
actively start rolling packages that are KDE centric....with mind to
Fedora compatible items from kde-look.org.

Lastly, I would like to suggest, if the Gtk-QT engine is used, that
some exclusion be made for the system-config tools. I think there are
multiple benefits in have the system-config tools look different from
the persons desktop applications AND yet "universally" alike.

Good luck with the KDE spin. Anything towards having me not have to
`rpm -e gdm` post Fedora install has my blessings.


Fedora Core 6 and proud

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