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Re: F7 KDE spin

On Monday 08 January 2007 07:25pm, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> I hope you don't mind if I be a bit verbose:

Not at all.  As a long time KDE user (also with years of simultaneous Gnome 
usage), I'd like to give my $/50 in response.

> * Browser: konqueror
> Cool. I kinda like the fact that there is no Flash support for
> Konqueror. I use Seamonkey for my heavy browsing myself.

Huh?  I've used (and still do) Flash with Konqueror on some boxes (don't 
bother others) for years.

> * Irc: konversation
> Recently switched to this from Chatzilla, I love how well it works


> * IM: kopete
> Great application. Good choice.


> * office: koffice
> I going to assume that the filters will be part of the spin. If so, good
> choice.

Love koffice.

> No real preference or dispute here

I prefer kpdf, but I also use Adobe Reader sometimes.

> * audio(most): amarok
> I'm going to assume that the xine engine will also be installed?

amarok with the xine engine works great here.  I'd like to see gstreamer get 
back in the game, too.

I'd also like to see better integration/easier configuration of netaudio.  
This probably requires more work than just packaging, though.  Perhaps some 
good documentation being included could help.

> * Media Burner: K3b
> Why exactly is K3B under the multimedia section? Burning MP3/Audio CDs
> is only half of what it could do.

No idea.  I think it's more a utility than a "multimedia" app.  But 
does "Media Burner:" mean media as in removable media?

> * System Cleanup: kleansweep
> Never heard of it. Will Google eventually

Same here.

> * Project management and groupware: Task Juggler
> * Home user backup?
> While I am _still_ (I am loosing a lot of time) working on
> system-config-backup for Fedora. It seems that the KDE way would be
> http://konserve.sourceforge.net/


> Bellow here I would like to put forth other suggests, based on
> applications currently in use on my desktop
> * Organizer and Email: Kontact

Excellent app.  I'm using it right now :) .

> * Photo organisation: Digikam
> * Photo Editing: Krita (incase not considered as part of KOffice)

I think it is considered part of koffice.  It's a good app, though I find I 
still use gimp sometimes, as it is the best-of-breed app for this category.

> I would also like to put forward a request that a verbose, clearly
> worded document on rolling Fedora compatible RPMSs be produced and
> well publicized.

Good idea.

> I have attempted several times to read through, and follow accordingly
> the existing available documents on the topic. I have also received
> recommendations to read other .spec files. For what ever reason (I
> have near ruled out my own laziness) I find following the tutorial
> towards an end to be difficult.
> I say this (instead of starting a new thread) as I would like to
> actively start rolling packages that are KDE centric....with mind to
> Fedora compatible items from kde-look.org.

That would be excellent.

> Lastly, I would like to suggest, if the Gtk-QT engine is used, that
> some exclusion be made for the system-config tools. I think there are
> multiple benefits in have the system-config tools look different from
> the persons desktop applications AND yet "universally" alike.

I like that idea.

> Good luck with the KDE spin. Anything towards having me not have to
> `rpm -e gdm` post Fedora install has my blessings.

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