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Re: rawhide report: 20070108 changes

On 09.01.2007 12:47, Josh Boyer wrote:
If I would review the kernel for the extras merge I'd say "fix this". But I suspect davej won't like to call the kernels 2.6.20 (e.g. 2.6.20-1.2906.rc4.fc7 for example) before they are actually 2.6.20
Neither would I.  It's not 2.6.20.  It's 2.6.19 + patches. :)

It's called 2.6.20-rcX upstream, so we should IMHO be able to call it something similar, too.

I further think the current kernel's naming scheme is quite confusing. Especially the part that makes 2.6.20-rcX kernels output "2.6.19-foo" from "uname -r" --> that now and then confuses external kmods that check for the kernel release during "configure" or similar scripts. They due to that might not build -> okay, I can live with that and fix it myself. But if can lead to silent breakage, too, if some "ifdef'ed" workarounds for newer kernels don't get applied.

This will be one of the problem areas we'll probably have to deal with when it comes to reviewing Core packages for the Extras merge.
Perhaps.  Maybe we'll come to some sort of agreement fairly quickly.

Optimist :-)


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