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Re: F7 KDE spin

On Wednesday 10 January 2007 04:19am, Gilboa Davara wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-01-09 at 21:08 +0200, Dorin Lazar wrote:
> >  Since that is what the default is, that is what they use.
> I object to you line of thinking. (Start by the "they")
> People who use Linux are usually people that could use another OS that
> came with their machine by default (Windows) and choose otherwise.
> More-ever, the people that will -choose- the Fedora-KDE spin, already
> decided to ignore the default (Desktop spin) - so why are you assuming
> that "they" are a mindless herd that will use the default - no matter
> what the default is.

For the most part, I think that you are right.  However, I think that many in 
this category still start out with the "default" installed app for a given 
task.  Sure, they're going to explore other available choices, but in most 
cases, human beings stick with what is more familiar/comfortable to them.  If 
they get too busy early on to take the time to look at other apps, then they 
may (often do?) end up being comfortable enough with the default (whatever 
that is) to just go with it or to actually prefer it, even if they would 
really be better served by an alternate.

> > I'm on Fedora, I never used GNOME because I didn't like it (but I tried
> > it everytime). And I am quite happy with what KDE has to offer. Make
> > kontact the default, and you'll have a plethora of kontact users.
> No objections here.
> Heck, don't even install it by default.
> I just want the Evo dep-chain on the ISO - nothing else.

I don't want it on the ISO for me to use.  Although I'll probably not install 
Evolution, if I do I would want the updated release and so would be 
downloading it anyway.

But, I do want Evolution on the KDE spin for all the other people I would had 
a disc(s) to.  I want them to have the choice.  However, if it's not there, 
they can always download it just like I would (or I could give them the 
packages, etc.).

I also think that the point several have put forward that there are a 
percentage of users (small, yes, but they are there) who will not have access 
to the repos and will, therefore, only have whatever is on the disc(s).  For 
those people, having the choices would be not just a good thing, but perhaps 
a necessity.

However, since it's (going to be) not that had to create additional spins, why 
not let those users take the KDE spin and add to it?

Or how about if we (i.e. the Fedora Community) also create an "Everything" 
spin?  Every single package in the distribution.  It would be a lot of CDs 
and could be more than one single-layer DVD.  We should probably also create 
a dual-layer DVD ISO for such a massive spin.  I think that would be a good 
option to offer for many people's needs.  It could also be used to let them 
create their own custom spins from the whole Fedora catalog of available 
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