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Re: proposal: mailing list reorganization

Hi All!

I'll answer to this mail now, to some of others later.

On 11.01.2007 09:48, Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:
Bojan Smojver wrote:
Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora <at> leemhuis.info> writes:
Thus the plan is to restrict it to well known open-source or project
contributors and make it moderated for the rest of the world.
So, when a new person attempts to subscribe to this list (say, a Debian or ASF
developer), someone is going to check this person's FOSS credentials before
membership is accepted, right? How is this going to be organised and will there
be objective criteria for "well known"?
Adding a restriction like this would be really bad,

That restriction mostly exists already in the form of "fedora-maintainers". That is open only for project contributors that discussed development stuff there in the past privately already. It got created after some important developers said "there is to much noise by non-contributors on fedora-devel". That's sad, but that the situation.

I'd like to improve that situation again and would like to open that list (under a new name) wider again to all project and open source contributors and *moderated* to everyone else, too.

since a lot of users are "worthy" of devel-status and can produce occasional patches or propose/discuss stuff relevant for development, even though the don't own a FOSS project?!? This would effectively narrow the number of people who can (try to) influence the project.

Non-contributors can still post, but get moderated (if they showed to be "good" the get allowed to post without moderation, too); and fedora-devel-discuss remains totally open for this sort of discussions, too.

The proposed solution is IMHO the best way to make both sides happy.


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