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Re: Fedora Server Spin

On Fri, 2007-01-12 at 13:59 -0500, Jesse Keating wrote:
> We can probably get to that.  I'm intersted in seeing a well trimmed core/base 
> that is the "default" install.  It is not minimal, it has things like yum, 
> and maybe a client or to for poking at the network.  Then we have some groups 
> for various server tasks that people can look into and select exactly what 
> they want.  Including some system-config-* stuff for managing these things, 
> and the x/xauth libraries for running these over ssh (no X on the box).  
> Also, no compiler.  All those things are gainable by yum install after the 
> fact, or enabling the monster repo during the install and checking those.
> That sounds like a "Server" spin to me.

So, how do you expect this to actually be useful to someone who's new to
Fedora and Linux?  There's an absolutely huge number of server admins
who aren't "unix geeks" that could be a very good target for the Fedora
server spin.  But they're not going to know about ssh, or X forwarding
or anything like that.  Instead, they're going to get through the
install[1], be confronted with a login prompt on a black screen and say
"what is this crap?".

And that's ignoring questions about supporting people in other parts of
the world who's text can't even be displayed on the console.


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