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Re: Fedora for UMPC, tablets, PDA etc. ?


On 1/13/07, Anuj Verma (Kevin) <kevin verma gmail com> wrote:

Reading the below(bottom) mentioned story I am curious to know more
point of views, "FC6 shrunk to 150MB" !

This time while Fedora 7, is being planned and discussed and while UMPC
is getting lot popular, I am just curious to know point of views here,
if this is a good time for Fedora to also host a UMPC project ?

Does it seems Fedora be good for UMPC types example, Orgami, Nokai 770/800 etc.

Hoping that the lessons and improvements gained out of OLPC can be put
out for a wider community cattering, development & cross pollination.




"The software is based on Fedora Cora 6, put on an diet to reduce it to
150 MB, and leverages Python heavily. According to Bletsas, both
Microsoft (WinCE) and Apple (OS X) offered their operating systems, but
neither fit the footprint or security requirements that the XO demanded.
In addition, the closed-source nature of those operating systems wasn't
a good fit to the OLPC philosophy.

The application environment looks nothing like a typical X-Window GUI
that you or I have ever seen. Written menus are totally replaced with
icons. In one example screen, the child can view all the other meshed
XOs around them (the mesh is good point to point to about 600 meters),
and see what activities the other children are involved in. Almost all
activities can be done collaboratively. So, for example, multiple
children can work on the same document or browse the web together. The
distributions are fully open source, and can be downloaded and played
with now at laptop.org. Also included will be a Gecko-based browser that
Bletsas told me should be capable of displaying Flash-enabled web

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