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Re: plans for long term support releases?

Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:
Now that Core and Extras are going to be merged and the distro is opening up to become even more (?) community driven, has anyone played with the though of eventually releasing a long term support version of Fedora?

It could be a based on a staple snapshot of Fedora 7 + 4 months worth of updates or whatever, at this point I'm more interested in hearing about the idea than the details, which will surely follow, if i'm not the only one who think this could be a good idea. Especially now that we're going to do special server spins etc...

Just a thought (hope this was not brought up ages ago and I just missed it)


Note: Fedora Legacy began with this similar idea. At first Legacy did reasonably well, but as time passed contributor interest waned, making it unsustainable as a community project. This isn't to say that it wouldn't be possible for the community to declare one version of Fedora LTS and do a good job of it. But the precedent of history is against the likelihood of this succeeding.

It is just too convenient for those users to use RHEL or CentOS. Security is a *HARD* and boring problem, requiring constant vigilance over long periods of time. This kind of project is difficult to sustain with volunteers.

Nothing stops a community group from trying continue what Legacy began. Just do it and prove that it is sustainable. But I am not optimistic that it is possible.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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