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Re: plans for long term support releases?

Em Ter, 2007-01-16 às 11:50 -0500, Jesse Keating escreveu:
> >
> > Now, the situation as it had persisted thoughout recent years is about
> > to change again: Core seems (?) to be in progress of being opened.
> > I.e. it's up to you+RH to pick up this opportunity to change something
> > about "Legacy". I am offering to contribute to a "Legacy within Fedora"
> >
> > Unfortunately you and Warren seem to be choke this option once more. So
> > be it - Your decision.
> That's because at least I don't see the need to try and hammer the square 
> Fedora peg into the LTS hole.  Especially when there are nice round pegs like 
> RHEL with actual support and SLAs or CentOS with a large and vibrant 
> community, both of which are based on Fedora, that fit perfectly into that 
> LTS hole.  Why continue beating a square peg into a round hole?

This is closely related to a marketing problem Fedora has - a lot of
people think it's a beta distribution. Probably one of Fedora's biggest
problems still.

Personally I think it would be interesting to see the CentOS project
merge with Fedora, to provide a Fedora "LTS" or whatever. Then all the
people that complain about Fedora's lack of stability would be told to
install a different Fedora product, instead of something from a totally
separate project.

I think it's obvious the demand for what CentOS provides is there, and
there's more than enough people willing to contribute to it.


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