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Re: plans for long term support releases?

Bruno Wolff III wrote:
On Thu, Jan 18, 2007 at 08:38:05 +0100,
  Ola Thoresen <redhat olen net> wrote:
The point is that everyone who has used linux since before the switch to utf8 has lots of files in latin-1 (for instance) encoding. Filesystems with filenames with latin-1 characters (not only ascii), we have old servers with OSes that does not use utf8 that we need to connect to and so on.

I don't believe that. This may affect some users, but it is hardly everyone.
Most US users are going to just be using the ASCII subset of Latin 1. They
may have a few saved email messages with some nonascii characters, but those
will probably be saved in mail folders where the proper encoding is also
saved. I wouldn't expect nonASCII characters in filenames or most text files.

Sorry for using the word "everyone". What I ment was "everyone around here" - in Norway. The people _I_ usually talk to and have to help with upgrades and new installations.

For them, it is either a long and "dangerous" job of converting files and filesystems and resetting passwords, or one simple change in /etc/syconfig/i18n Guess what they chose 90% of the time, and guess what they then tell everyone they talk to about this to do to "fix" it...

I am just now running a "convmv -f latin1 -t utf-8 -r --notest *" on a 150 GB partition for a friend of mine. I think I'll make a writeup on how to do this conversion, so maybe more people will actually do it.


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