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Re: dkms for fc7?

Matthias Saou wrote:
Neal Becker wrote :

I know there was some discussion about dkms for fedora.  It seemed (to me)
mostly positive.  Is there interest in pushing this forward for fc7?

This has already been discussed before :

1) dkms is in Fedora (Extras), so you're good to go.
2) Fedora seems to be more interested in working on a long term
solution for kernel modules, having them cleanly available as rpm
packages, instead of starting using dkms.

I perfectly understand the decision, but went for the best short term
solution already available (IMHO), dkms, in my freshrpms.net
packages ;-) And it's been a real success given all the positive
feedback I get, especially for the nvidia driver. Not to mention how
it's made life soooo much easier for me to track Rawhide on my home
computer which has a madwifi chip and and lirc_serial remote control!

I'm one of those happy users. I use it for the nvidia, ntfs, ndiswrapper and madwifi drivers. It just works. Personally I don't see the advantages of having "clean" rpms for each module versus the elegant dkms solution, but to each his/her own...

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