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Re: dkms for fc7?

Le Ven 19 janvier 2007 15:42, Denis Leroy a écrit :

> I'm one of those happy users. I use it for the nvidia, ntfs, ndiswrapper
> and madwifi drivers. It just works. Personally I don't see the
> advantages of having "clean" rpms for each module versus the elegant
> dkms solution, but to each his/her own...

dkms sort of works for kernel levels out-of-tree drivers bother to support
; finding a working combinaison of kernel & out-of-tree driver versions
quickly degenerates (even for big drivers like nvidia)

Out-of-tree driver writer 1 will say "I only support 2.6.x proper"
Out-of-tree driver writer 2 will say "I only support up to 2.6.x-rcy"
davej will say "I'll ship 2.6.x.3 in because previous releases are missing
a critical fix and that matches the Fedora release schedule"

Of course you can personnally wait a few weeks for everything to settle,
but you are depending on the people not using out-of-tree drivers to test
and stabilize the kernel for you. If dkms is generalized these people
won't exist anymore.

Nicolas Mailhot

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