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Re: dkms for fc7?

>>>>> "NM" == Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net> writes:

NM> dkms sort of works for kernel levels out-of-tree drivers bother to
NM> support finding a working combinaison of kernel & out-of-tree
NM> driver versions quickly degenerates (even for big drivers like
NM> nvidia)

You make it sound as if dkms is somehow a loss when compared with
other methods.  The set of kernels that a specific dkms-enabled module
package supports (i.e. many) is still significantly larger than the
set of kernels supported by the other module packaging schemes (one).
Maintainer effort and end-user frustration are reduced.  It is not
possible for them to be eliminated due to the nature of out-of-tree

As far as I can see, the only downside to dkms modules is the
requirement for a build environment on the client machines.  (Well,
that and the lack of a set of packaging guidelines.  The build
environment requirement kept dkms out of consideration for Fedora
Extras kernel modules, a decision which I still find completely mind

 - J<

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