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Re: dkms for fc7?

Le lundi 22 janvier 2007 à 11:39 -0700, Stephen John Smoogen a écrit :

> To be honest.. I don't see any pool of users pushing for in-kernel
> merge anyway.. or that they are going to be very effective in causing
> this. 

Out-of-tree driver packaging has a terrible effect as a disincentive to
merge Linus-wise (not that most out-of-tree driver writers do not
already lean that way, but distro packaging is usually the last "don't
bother" straw). 

Third-party out-of-tree packaging has the additional effect driver
authors do not consider themselves under any moral obligation to merge
their stuff later

> In kernel merge comes when the code is acceptable.. not because
> 400 people email Linus and the 'core developers': please put xyz-ntx
> module into mainline.

You have to push driver authors, not kernel developers. Linus won't
include as a matter of principle stuff someone else wrote if the author
does not participate

Nicolas Mailhot

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