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Re: New VCS Choice; SCM SIG

>>>>> "TK" == Toshio Kuratomi <a badger gmail com> writes:

TK> Do we want people to have private branches? That can build to
TK> sandboxes?

To me this and speed are the only things of real importance that we
can't get from the SCM as it is.  But really we can't talk about the
SCM without talking about how the buildsys ties into it, and perhaps
the package database as well.

At the moment the one thing I can't do is push private builds through
the buildsys.  Say I'm trying to debug something for a PPC user.
(Note that I haven't a PPC machine around.)  Right now the only thing
I can really do is to stick an SRPM in my personal webspace and ask
them to build it.  I suppose I could figure out how to create a branch
in CVS and then ask them to check it out and do "make ppc", but
frankly I haven't enough confidence in CVS that I want to attempt that
kind of thing.

I want to make a quick "ppc_test" branch, modify some source, have the
buildsys actually chew on it, and stick a package somewhere.  If it
actually shows up in a real repo that I can point a couple of testers
at, even better.

 - J<

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