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Re: tmp cleanup

Peter Gordon wrote:
tmpwatch (in Extras) might suit your needs. :)
Nope.  It used to be on by default (?) at one time (FC1? RHL9?), but either way, I don't want files deleted.  I've had tmpwatch dump things I wanted to keep, and keep things that I thought should have been whacked a long time ago.

The script I currently use (attached) never deletes anything.  It leaves that to the user/admin.  All it does is clean up /tmp by moving things into a subdirectory of /tmp (i.e. "tmp-cleanup-2007-01-19 21 33 26").  While the script I have doesn't delete anything, it does, however, move everything (except prior directories made by itself).


# Written by Ron Johnson
# Copyright (C) 19 Jan 2007
# GPL licensed.

# This program cleans up the /tmp directory by moving things into
# a subdirectory of /tmp.

# The name of this program, as it will be displayed in any messages:

# Create a string in the format 'YYYY-MM-DD HH MM SS'
$NOW=`/bin/date +%F %H %M %S`; chomp($NOW);

# Our directory names will begin with the prefix...

# This is the actual directory name we'll try to move things to.

# And this is the full path of $movename.

# Get a list of files in the tmp dir first (before we make our dir)
# Note the trailing slash is important, in case /tmp is a symlink.

# If we can't create the dir, just die.
unless ( mkdir($moveto,0) )
	{die "${prog}: Unable to create 'moveto' dir, $moveto\n";}

# If we can't ensure the permissions are correct, just die.
unless ( chmod(01777,$moveto) )
	{die "${prog}: Unable to set proper permissions for $moveto\n";}

	$f="/tmp/$_";		# Full path/file to be moved
	$t="$moveto/$_";	# Full path/file to move it to
	next if /^\.\.?$/;	# Skip . and .. pseudo dirs
	next if /^$PREFIX/;	# Skip previous saves that we made.

	# Finally, actually move the file, increment $moved if successful.
	$moved++ if rename($f,$t);

# Say how much we moved if we moved anything, otherwise, remove the
# dir we made so we aren't adding to the /tmp clutter.
if ($moved>0)
	{print "${prog}: Moved $moved files to $moveto\n";}

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