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Re: kernel-xen-2.6? (was: Re: rawhide report: 20070125 changes)

On Thursday 25 January 2007 07:39, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> - until now we had the (unwritten?) rule that we have only one kernel
> srpm in Fedora and that other kernels packages are not allowed
> (especially not in Extras -- but Extras and Core are no more). When did
> that change? Who decided that -- I'd say such a important change should
> get ACKed by FESCo, but seems I have missed that... Anyway: Does that
> mean that we could have a -rt, -vserver, -openvz, -vanilla, -foo or -bar
> kernels in Fedora now, too (²)?
> - this to some degree breaks the kmod packaging (that was designed under
> the assumption(³) we have only one kernel-package with a lot of
> subpackages that all have the same version-release). Okay, it's not that
> bad as you can build the kmod srpm once for the real kernels and then
> for the xen-kernels, but that requires to set up the buildroot up twice
> for each arch -- that takes a lot of time :-/ .

The kernel-xen package is a quick hack to get xen possibly working for Test1.  
We still want to get it working in our main kernel, but ran out of runway for 
test1.  It is not going to stay around for long, nor should any kmods be 
built against it or any policy around it.  We were only caring about the 
output, to get a kernel-xen variant.

Please don't see this as a policy, just a quick hack for test1.  I may even 
untag it for rawhide after test1, undecided yet.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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