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Re: NewInit and red plans ( aka "is it true that redhat linux is not unix" )

On 1/25/07, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
Bela Pesics wrote:

>> Interested in a change and someone needs to look at the different init
> You might be interested, but RedHat's interest might be subtle. :-)

Yes, Talking about Red Hat or atleast some Red Hat developers here.

> I would even be able to imagine that it is totally out of interest.
> But why? Conservation has lower risk on short term. Yes, short term,
> it's a pity.

You seem to persist on your assumptions that there isnt a interest. If
you are prepared to do the work, go ahead.

Yeah, I do! You know it's strange to mix developer and company interest! :-)
I am quite happy that you express and share your personal opinoin on
this, however I would be more interested in rhats long term resource
schedule strategy... because obviously such thing as the new init is
not in the focus, but this project is inherently dependent on the hat.

== what's in focus then?

ignore or answer me offlist


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