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Re: Want to help QA the Test1 release?

--- Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com> wrote:

> On Thursday 25 January 2007 17:38, Jane Dogalt wrote:
> > I guess I should go read the rest of that thread to figure out
> where
> > the work remains to get a pungi/mock build that doesn't require any
> > root priveleges...
> A way for users to create and mount loopback filesystems for the
> anaconda 
> stage1/2 images.

How's this:

I've been deep in the initrd created by pilgrim for livecds...

I've recently read someones post on this list suggesting that an initrd
could be fleshed out into a fully functional rescue system...

I've been in the initrd pursuing my rebootless installer idea, which
actually looks pretty trivial... (I'm confident it will be done by

I've been upset at how much time I've spent on various hacks to provide
input to qemu, when it appears the --append, --kernel, and --initrd
probably will get me what I need in a cleaner way...


I think I can solve the problem you just stated-

make an initrd as fat or a bit fatter even than the pilgrim livecd,
then use qemu with no system image other than a specified kernel/initrd
that come from the running system.  Use qemu disk images for
input/output (i.e. use .tgz files for qemu's -hdb and -hdd, input and
output.  I.e. inside qemu you tar xvzf /dev/hdb, and when you are done
creating output, you tar cvzf /dev/hdd).

That seems like a very slick, very minimal qemu-hook way to accomplish
what you just said.  No?


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