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Re: Pirut: Edit -> Repositories mock-up -- Part 2.

For what it is worth, the original at
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SummerOfCode/2007/DebarshiRay reads as:

This was written by me, whereas the one I posted here before was
proposed by Jeremy Katz in an earlier thread.

# Manu has two machines-- one at work and one at home. The former has a
nice Internet connection, while the other one does not. He is a not a
geek, and wants to install a media player, which is there on his office
box, at home.
# Rakesh has five machines, which are not on the same LAN. Although all
are connected to the Internet, the bandwidth is not good and it is
costly to download the same updates and packages on all the machines

For your information, I do happen to have two friends named Rakesh and
Manu who did use Fedora a lot until recently. Right now they are on
Debain Etch & Lenny respectively.

GPG key ID: 63D4A5A7
Key server: pgp.mit.edu

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