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Re: RPM roadmapping

Dnia 2007-07-27, o godz. 15:40:40 Panu Matilainen <pmatilai redhat com>

> what have you always wanted to do with rpm, but wasn't able to?
- Tell if a given package was installed by hand (rpm -i/U/F) or (if installed
by yum/apt/whatever) which repository did it come from. Some people suggested
to use "Signature:" for that, but that only tells, which repo this pakage was
first published on, and I want to know, where did I get it from in reality.
- Mark packages "immune", so that I don't have to separately set ignore/keep
lists for every depsolver separately (I know, this is stupid, I should make my
fixes upstream, but that proved very hard with Fedora maintainers and you've
asked about my wishes for RPM...)
- Make the transaction journalled with some kind of redo log, so that it's
not a problem if some update crashes X, killing pirut/yum/rpm with it. Power
failures don't bother me, but crashes do happen upon updating the system, even
on Fedora :)


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