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Re: [Suspend-devel] willing to contribute - so laptops suspend better - but how?

Le Jeu 31 mai 2007 21:43, Rahul Sundaram a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>> Le Jeu 31 mai 2007 10:21, Valent Turkovic a écrit :
>>> How much time does it take to configure vanilla kernel to run with
>>> fedora? Can you give me some guide or some general info.
>> It would be *very* nice to have an official simplified spec file
>> where
>> one would just dump vanilla source & patch references and test the
>> result. The Fedora kernel spec is so complex it can't really be
>> reused
>> standalone
> Already planned. See fedora-kernel list archives.

Not really what I had in mind
What's planned if I understand it correctly is some automation to have
koji spill vanilla kernels in addition to fedora-patched ones

What I'd like to see is a spec template where you can just list the
upstream patches & config options you need, and mock-build locally a
kernel package that integrates nicely in Fedora (all the debuginfo,
devel, etc subpackage stuff)

ie kill the multi-arch multi-flavour automation, just build a simple
single version for the user system

The use case is when you hit a bug, open an issue in upstream's
bugzilla/mail LKML, and people ask you to try vanilla kernel X with
patch Y and config option Z on.

Nicolas Mailhot

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