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Automate time zone selection (Was: RFE: use nasa worldwind...)

On Fri, 2007-06-01 at 13:00 +0200, Jane Dogalt wrote:
> FWIW the first nuisance I'm running into with F7 is during installation
> at the timezone selection phase.  The shiny new zoomable map was
> shaping up to be a nice improvement, but some bug with the right mouse
> drag input handling is causing it to suck.
> But a simple bug report asside- the following idea came to me-
> If you are going to go to that much effort for the thing, why not take
> it a notch further and just integrate nasa worldwind into the anaconda.
> You could even have a way (possibly easter egg) to play with worldwind
> while the install is going (i.e. another option in addition to reading
> the release notes)
> Anway, this isn't a project I'm likely to work on, but I think it would
> be pretty cool.  I'll admit I haven't even used worldwind other than
> maybe once a few years ago.  But if it works as advertised, it seems
> like it shouldn't be too hard to integrate it.
> -dmc/jdog
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Well, it would be cool, but I don't think it's worth implementing. The
zoom-able map is there only to ease the process of selecting you home

However, if you mentioned extensions to timezone, it came to my mind
that Fedora 7 installer didn't set timezone to Europe/Prague even with
Czech language selected as installation language. I think it would be
useful to set the timezone by default relevant to selected language of
installation, or if internet connection is available, to check the
position of computer and adjust timezone to that. Also, I think this
feature need not to be included only in anaconda. I think, for people
with laptops it could be useful to adjust timezone automatically as they
travel from one to another.


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