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Don't put new packages through updates-testing

Hi all,

As already discussed on then maintainers list (using devel list for this as I see no reason to keep this on maintainers), the plan all of a sudden is to let new packages go through updates-testing.

I'm very much against this, as it adds one more step to already long process of getting new packages in, the current wiki page describing the process divides it into 14 steps and it is lacking the add to comps step (and in my case the update SIG wiki pag, twice once to add it to the list of packages undergoing review, once more to remove).

It removes much of the satisfaction of after completing the review having the package into the hands of the end users, the ones for which I do this. As it adds yet another delay.

The arguments made in favor of this is that it will be good for QA, however relatively few users will have updates testing enabled and new packages will not automatically get installed let alone used by those users. Then the argument in favor becomes that once we have a QA team up and running, we could build QA infra which autamatically installs new packages from updates-testing for the QA team (running still would be a manual thing). However currently all that infra doesn't exist, so can we please short circuit updates-testing for new packages, and revisit this discussion once that infra actually is there?

IOW first show that updates-testing actually is usefull (esp. for new packages) and then make new packages go through there.

Last but most certainly not least new packages have already had lots of QA they have just been reviewed! To me this forcing new packages to go through updates-testing is a vote of no confidence into me as a packager and a reviewer, and since I sink a lot of time, effort and skill into Fedora that hurts!

Yet another argument against making new-packages go through updates-testing is the fact that even if there were a QA team testing them, I wonder how they would test my latest batch of packages:

Do they happen to have an avr microcontroller development kit handy for testing or a gp2x handheld? Any experience with programming those?

Making package like these goto updates-testing is ridiculous.



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