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Re: RFE: use nasa worldwind for timezone selection (i.e. my first reaction to F7)

On Fri, 2007-06-01 at 04:00 -0700, Jane Dogalt wrote:
> FWIW the first nuisance I'm running into with F7 is during installation
> at the timezone selection phase.  The shiny new zoomable map was
> shaping up to be a nice improvement, but some bug with the right mouse
> drag input handling is causing it to suck.

I agree, but this seems to be a bug in the underlying gnomecanvas to me
that causes it to behave nicely when dragged slowly enough, but go
berzerk if dragged to fast. I'm open for suggestions how to work around
this though.

> But a simple bug report asside- the following idea came to me-
> If you are going to go to that much effort for the thing, why not take
> it a notch further and just integrate nasa worldwind into the anaconda.

Weeell. First, the thing is from s-c-date, anaconda isn't the culprit.
Second, as Martin said, this is to ease selecting "your" city in the map
(especially in regions with a high density of cities), not to show off.
Interfacing with Java and requiring accelerated 3D is not what I have in
mind for s-c-date ;-).

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