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Re: Automate time zone selection (Was: RFE: use nasa worldwind...)

On Fri, 2007-06-01 at 13:35 +0200, Martin Sourada wrote:

> However, if you mentioned extensions to timezone, it came to my mind
> that Fedora 7 installer didn't set timezone to Europe/Prague even with
> Czech language selected as installation language.

Mapping languages to timezones wouldn't work in many cases, would it?
Take the list of languages, remove all those that usually are spoken in
more than one country or timezone -- I don't think that list would be
very long.

>  I think it would be
> useful to set the timezone by default relevant to selected language of
> installation, or if internet connection is available, to check the
> position of computer and adjust timezone to that. Also, I think this
> feature need not to be included only in anaconda. I think, for people
> with laptops it could be useful to adjust timezone automatically as they
> travel from one to another.

IMO, to make setting this automatically sensible and reliable, you'd
have to have some things first:

- a freely available mapping between "position on earth" and the
corresponding timezone that's kept up to date
- an attached GPS receiver that can be read from Linux

Just the first one makes this a no-go, I haven't been able to dig up
something like this. I couldn't even find a freely available,
machine-readable coarse map of timezones.

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