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Re: First impressions of a system update with yum

I successfully upgraded from FC5 to FC6 by having only packages installed using yum. Before that I always has a lot of tarball installs on the system and then upgrading to a new release was just a disaster every time I had tried it. Of course the upgrade to FC6 wasn't without problems, like i586 kernel, and the upgrade breaking in the middle and leaving a huge number of duplicate packages installed. So there was a lot of cleanup to do. But I'm really encouraged to hear that it looks like a FC6 - FC7 upgrade is going good without major problems (at least on 32-bit). :-)

Benjamin Lewis wrote:
Yeah, its just it usually explodes when I do it, so I'm happy - now to
sort out my laptop...

Jon Ciesla wrote:
Actually, I've done this several times, I have a server that began life as
FC3, and another as RH8.  I've been yum upgrading since FC3, and this was
just my first for F7.  I several more to do yet. :)

Same here, no problems - this is the first time its worked for me too!

Jon Ciesla wrote:
My first 32-bit x86 yum upgrade is finished, with no major
So far.  I'll let you know. . .

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