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Firewall configuration tool: system-config-firewall


system-config-firewall is a new firewall configuration tool, which is based on system-config-securitylevel and provides enhanced funtionality and better user guidance.

Please have a look at:
You will need system-config-firewall and system-config-firewall-tui packages for your architecture.

system-config-firewall will replace system-config-securitylevel in devel, soon.

Changes against system-config-securitylevel:
- lokkit is rewritten in python (compatible with old version, but
  additional options).
- gtk user interface cleaned up.
- gtk UI enhancements: trusted interfaces, masquerading, custom rules
  for all IPV4 tables and for IPv6 filter
- /etc/sysconfig/system-config-securitylevel is used for compatibility,
  the new location for the configuration is
- The text user interface is fully functional, but in an early state -
  this will be fixed.
- The selinux part is stripped out of the user interfaces, because there
  is a new configuration tool for selinux: system-config-selinux.
- The lokkit command line tool still has the selinux options and has
  the same behaviour as the old command line tool.
- There is a simple setup wizard for the gtk UI.

If you want to install system-config-firewall, you have to manually uninstall system-config-securitylevel, because there is a file conflict for /usr/sbin/lokkit. This version of system-config-firewall is not working with system-config-kickstart and firstboot, because these tools are using internal structures of system-config-securitylevel, which are not available anymore. Therefore you have to uninstall these packages, too.


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