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Re: Very much packages with fc6 tag instead of fc7 in the FC7 tree

>'yum list extras' should show you packages you have installed that are not 
>available in any configured / enabled repo.

This command is closer to what you would want. The problem with that command is
it compares what is on the machine with what the current package is in yum. I bet
it requires a network connection to work, too. 

It does not tell me that a package that has been superceeded is valid for that
repo. Example, it tells me 3 of my kernels are not in yum when they were in fact
officially released kernels. I have to weed through the output and decide case by
case if its superceeded or orphaned.

But even if there were a command that correctly identified orphaned packages
without needing a network connection, the logic that not building all packages
each development cycle saves download time doesn't hold up.


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