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Re: Don't put new packages through updates-testing

Will Woods wrote:
Let's be a little more clear here - what the QA team actually does for
packages in updates-testing is *verification*. Check package sanity,
make sure programs don't segfault on startup, etc.
I'm not expecting all testers to understand the functions of the
packages as well as their maintainers. But anyone can tell if you missed
some deps or your package doesn't start on x86_64.

1) I already verify my packages on x86_64 myself
2) starting libs is kinda hard
3) Most missing deps are subtile and do not necesarry show when just running an

It would be more usefull to check build-logs for things like:
-suspicious ./configure failures (due to missing BuildRequires)
-64 bit suspecious compiler output like cast from different size integer to
 pointer (this could actually be automated)

Checking for 64 bit suspicious compiler warnings in my experience finds far more 64 bit bugs then just a quick test run, unless those 64 bit bugs happen to be in the straight quick test run path.



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