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Re: Automate time zone selection (Was: RFE: use nasa worldwind...)

Nils Philippsen wrote:

IMO, to make setting this automatically sensible and reliable, you'd
have to have some things first:

- a freely available mapping between "position on earth" and the
corresponding timezone that's kept up to date
- an attached GPS receiver that can be read from Linux
No need for a gps. If the network is configured...


Google for 'ip location' for a whole slew of them (each varies in quality, none got my location, but most were accurate enough to get my time zone). If it's even 90% correct it will greatly reduce the number of people who have to manually adjust their timezone).

The question is can we find/create an freely available database so we can put up our own server.


Just the first one makes this a no-go, I haven't been able to dig up
something like this. I couldn't even find a freely available,
machine-readable coarse map of timezones.


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