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Re: Don't put new packages through updates-testing

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Friday 01 June 2007 10:49:39 Hans de Goede wrote:
But going through updates testing for each and every bugfix / update is
just adding unnecessary burden and delays. Why can't this just be left to
the packagers discretion? I think I've done enough for Fedora to deserve
some discretion.

This is a broader issue, but I don't think it's set in stone anywhere that every single update (or new package) has to go through updates-testing. We strongly encourage it and start throwing daggers if you don't do it and introduce issues on a stable platform, but I don't think there is anything physically stopping you from going straight to updates.

Currently bodhi doesn't have say a checkbox to skip updates-testing, so currently the only way is throuh updates testing (or abuse the I'm a security update feature, but that would be dead wrong).

And there are going to be reasonable exceptions to the rule, I completely see this. However exceptions are not a reason to completely ignore the rule for every single package.

I'm not asking to always ignore the rules what I'm asking for is:
1) not putting (all) new packages through updates-testing, for some it might
   make sense, for others less.
2) in case of regular updates allow updates-testing to be skipped for trivial
   fixes for serious bugs (think crashers, doa apps), AFAIK we already agreed
   on this some weeks ago.

Preferably in both cases the choice to short circuit updates-testing would be left to the packager, iow leave some room for the packagers discretion.

I'm fine with the default being go through updates-testing, I'm fine with an obnoxious javascript popup saying that short circuiting is a bad idea, etc. But please leave me the choice!

All I'm asking for is to leaving this to the packagers discretion, isn't
Fedora supposed to be all about freedom? Then why put me in a straight

Perhaps we have a communication issue. Can you show me where it is stated that every single new package absolutely must without any question go through updates-testing first, without exception?

In the current bodhi describing documents, proposals and in the bodhi implementation as we have it now. If there is a way to make exceptions it sure isn't documented.



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