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updates, updates-testing and comps

Jesse Keating wrote:
1) There will be no wide audience, even if they have updates-testing
enabled they will not automatically install the new packages let alone use
it, the only way to get a wide audience is to put it in updates and in
comps, so that people can install it through "add/remove software". For the
majority of users, if it isn't in comps it doesn't exist, since
updates-testing has no comps *, the package doesn't exist and thus will not
get tested.

That's just a simple matter of using the comps-f7.xml comps file when generating repodata for the Fedora 7 updates. Then suddenly you have entries in add/remove software for things in updates-testing.

* and if it will, that means yet more work to get a package out

You should be adding the package to comps if it makes sense to have it in comps anyway, for each platform you'll build it for.

So lets say I put blobAndConquer, a new package which I've submitted through bodhi today in comps-f7.xml.in, and that comps gets rebuild from this. Then yes, people with updates-testing enabled will be able to install it, but people without updates-testing enabled, will see it to and get an error that it isn't available when trying to install it. Not very pretty if you ask me.



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