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Re: Fedora 8 Schedule

dragoran wrote:
> On 6/1/07, *David Nielsen* <david lovesunix net
> <mailto:david lovesunix net>> wrote:
>     fre, 01 06 2007 kl. 14:13 +0000, skrev Kevin Kofler:
>     > Matthias Clasen <mclasen <at> redhat.com <http://redhat.com>>
>     writes:
>     > > Some more notes about this draft: it puts feature freeze in
>     bold letters
>     > > at August 20, which is only a few days after gnome 2.20 beta1,
>     and is
>     >
>     > It's good to know that some folks from the GNOME camp are also
>     not happy with
>     > that schedule (see also David Nielsen's message about the test3
>     freeze date).
>     > One one hand, it makes me feel better because this means the
>     schedule isn't
>     > favoring GNOME over KDE, on the other hand it makes the schedule
>     look even
>     > worse, because this means it's misaligned with both the GNOME
>     and KDE
>     > schedules, at least one of which is central to every desktop
>     user's experience
>     > of Fedora.
>     To be honest normally I wouldn't have a problem favoring GNOME
>     over KDE,
>     it has always been the default desktop but in this case I think it
>     would
>     be entirely foolish to forget just how major a release KDE 4.0 is. We
>     have users waiting for it like crack addicts and it would look
>     better if
>     we were able to ship with the final release.
>     Having the final version looks better to users not to mention it
>     will do
>     wonders for PR to both have KDE4 as one of the first stable distro
>     releases and to show that we really do care about KDE in defiance of
>     popular belief.
>     I hear KDE 4.1 is aimed at being a 6 month release, this would
>     then mean
>     we align nicely for a F9 with KDE4 and GNOME 2.22. That would
>     accomplice
>     the goal of adjusting the schedule which was aimed for rather nicely..
>     provided neither projects slips their release date.
>     For KDE4 to hit on the final devel freeze we are merely talking
>     putting
>     back the schedule by about a week which if we push Test3 devel
>     freeze to
>     the the 25th of September that would allow us to ship Test3 with KDE
>     4.0-rc1 and GNOME 2.20 - I'm hoping that will provide helpful for
>     getting testers to start using the release and we can accommodate both
>     major releases in the final release.
>     Cut dates would then be:
>     September 19th - GNOME 2.20
>     September 25th - KDE 4.0-rc1
>     September 25th - Test3 devel freeze
>     October 1st - Test3 release
>     October 23th - KDE 4.0 final
>     October 23th - Final devel freeze.
>     November 7th - Final release
>     - Is this insanity?
>     - If I'm to understand Rex KDE packagers get the tarballs in time to
>     make this?
>     - can we live with doing freezes on a Tuesday instead of a Monday?
>     And we'd be roughly on schedule with GNOME and KDE for F9
>     following that
>     considering a standard 6 month cycle.
> +1


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