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Re: koji weirdness

On Thu, 2007-05-31 at 15:32 -0400, Mike Bonnet wrote:
> I just checked in an alternate chain-build implementation to
> Makefile.common, based on a target we were using internally (and have
> tested rather extensively).  Update your common/ directories and run
> "make help" to see the chain-build usage.
> You specify the packages that the current package depends on using the
> CHAIN= parameter to "make chain-build".  The packages specified in the
> CHAIN= parameter will be checked out into a temp directory and "make
> cvsurl" will be called to get their CVS URL (this will reference the
> latest tag that was applied to the package on the current branch, and
> that tag must not have been built in Koji already).  The CVS URLs from
> each CHAIN= package and the current package will be used to generate the
> appropriate koji command-line to build each package in order (the
> current package will be built last, and should not appear in the CHAIN=
> parameter).

What do you do if you have several packages that have a common

For instance:
bzrtools Requires: bzr >= %{majorver} bzr < %{nextver}
bzr-gtk  Requires: bzr >= %{majorver} bzr < %{nextver}

Does cd bzr-gtk/devel ; make chain-build CHAIN='bzr bzrtools'
build bzr, then bzrtools when bzr is ready, then bzr-gtk when bzrtools
is ready?  Or does it attempt to make bzr and bzr-gtk independently
followed by bzr-gtk?

Related to this is specifying more than one package.

foo Requires: bar, bar Requires: baz.

An update of baz requires an update of bar which requires an update of
foo.  Does cd foo/devel ; make chain-build CHAIN='baz bar' do the right


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