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Re: Sponsorship request for pybackpack

On 1-jun-2007, at 20:37, Andrew Price wrote:


I'm the maintainer of a python/gnome backup tool called pybackpack which was originally started as a Fedora project for the Google summer of code
in 2005 but I took over from the original maintainer (Dave Arter) some
time ago. It still hasn't gotten into fedora but a review request bug
(bug #221884) has been open for a while. could you let me know where to go from here? I'm led to believe that I need to request sponsorship, but
I'm not entirely familiar with Fedora's processes.

Hi Andrew,

A sponsor has to do a review of your package and approve it.
The review request is blocking the FE-NEEDSPONSOR bug, so you're on the list
of people needing a sponsor.

Check out http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackageMaintainers/ HowToGetSponsored


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