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Re: Fedora 8 Schedule

On Fri, Jun 01, 2007 at 10:58:07PM +0200, David Nielsen wrote:
> I hear KDE 4.1 is aimed at being a 6 month release, this would then mean
> we align nicely for a F9 with KDE4 and GNOME 2.22. That would accomplice
> the goal of adjusting the schedule which was aimed for rather nicely..
> provided neither projects slips their release date.
Why does the KDE spin have to be released at the same time as the general
GNOME-oriented release?

With F7 creating custom spins should be "easy". Just have a time when the
GNOME desktop will be ready (and well-tested) as the F8 release, release
a F8 KDE spin beta/release candidate at the same time, wait for KDE final to 
be out and release a F8+updates+KDE4 spin after some time of testing.

It will much likely be of much better quality than the "real" F8 
by then, since the entire distro will have a month or so of testing by
those idiots that happen to believe GNOME is the better desktop.

Pekka Pietikainen (a GNOME user)

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