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Re: Don't put new packages through updates-testing

On 6/1/07, Ralf Corsepius <rc040203 freenet de> wrote:
You mean ... because human imperfectness tends to switch off logic
because humans are tempted to follow their limited horizons and

that's one interpretation, which if you think is valid would make for
a quite interesting dissection for a person with a certain sort of
doctorate and a nice comfy couch. Another would be that the
application of any rigorous logic relies fundamentally on a baseline
set of clearly defined and unambiguously communicated axioms which are
held as universally true by all those involved. Its very easy for
people, when relating with each other..even over technical matters, to
presume that the other people in the conversation hold fast to the
same axiomaticly true statements as they do. Moreover, there's no
guarantee that different people with conflicting points of view, each
with their own set of baseline assumptions, can reconcile   the
conflicting assumptions through logical rigor....even if they are
accurately communicated.

So its  not so much that people stop using logic or that people are
incapable of using logic... as it is that people use a different but
completely self-consistent logic and don't really take the time to see
if everyone is in fundamental agreement before stomping around getting
all puffed up and acting self-importante.  Such miscommunications only
deepen when individuals in the discussion presume (logically of
course) their logic is the only correct logic and therefore everyone
else is being illogical. Though at the moment, thankfully, I am at a
loss to point out a specific example as someone who makes a habit of
this sort of thing, I'd hate to continue to drag this conversation
away from reasonably constructive discussion by pointing fingers at
anyone in particular, Ralf.

I find Rahul's reaction absurd, because we are talking about technical
issues and technical standards/metrics here, which I don't see any
reason not to apply logic to.

To my very great dismay, my legal team has informed me that you are in
fact entitled to your opinion concerning Rahul's opinion. But please
Ralf, let's keep this discussion above such petty emotional outbursts.
People look up to you for your logic and reason.. don't tanish that so

-jef"If I can prove to you that you don't exist, what are the chances
that you'll disappear in a puff of contradictory smoke?"spaleta

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