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Re: Broken deps in Fedora 7

On Saturday 02 June 2007 04:41:14 Michael Schwendt wrote:
> Without test-updates, I see these dependency problems in Fedora 7 +
> Released Updates. Some are due to missing ExcludeArch. Scroll down for
> i386 and x86_64. But the total number of problems is shocking.

It looks like the majority of these are firefox related.  Since it was a 
security update of Firefox, I don't think we would have waited for all these 
packages to catch up.

The others look like ppc64 fallout still which is being worked on, and only a 
couple that don't fall into the above bucket:

syck-0.55-14.fc7.src.rpm -> php = 0:5.2.1  Looks like tibbs built it in 
updates-candidate, but there is no update request for it that I can see.

revisor- -> livecd-tools(ppc)  Probably needs to have 
an %ifnarch ppc ppc64 around the livecd-tools requirement.  I've pinged the 
revisor guys.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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