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Re: Firefox 2.0 fails to install Flash 9 plugin

Il giorno ven, 01/06/2007 alle 16.20 -0800, Jeff Spaleta ha scritto:
> On 6/1/07, Naheem Zaffar <naheemzaffar gmail com> wrote:
> > Works for me. I tried on i686 as root.
> Does it work as a normal user.
> I just did this on my rawhide box... it works just fine for me as a normal user.
> I'd have to wait till a revert one of my rawhide boxes to f7 to be
> 100% sure its a comparable situation...but i'd be a little shocked if
> at this point my rawhide box worked but f7 didn't since there hasnt
> been that much diversion between the two yet.
> -jef

Works for me on the first try, normal user, under F7 (i386). I was even
amazed because I used to install it via rpm magics, instead it worked
out of the box (a great step for usability).

Hope that helps,
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