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Change to U.T.C. based release times

Hi all.

A small-ish proposal, but one which would affect everyone - I propose
moving from a release time based on Eastern time, and hence affected by
D.S.T., to one based on U.T.C. - to this end I propose changing to 13:00
UTC - which is 10:00 EST and 11:00 EDT (those times may well be wrong,
but you get the idea! :)). My rationale for this is that it can get just
a little confusing trying to tell people the time of a release when its
been thrown by an hour due to D.S.T.

All thoughts (and corrections to the numbers, most probably) welcome.


Benjamin Lewis
Fedora Ambassador
ben lewis benl co uk

http://benl.co.uk./                                 PGP Key: 0x647E480C

"In cases of major discrepancy, it is always reality that got it wrong"
                                                        -- RFC 1118

fn:Benjamin Lewis (tc1415)
email;internet:ben lewis benl co uk

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